Human Universe – BBC Brian Cox – Why are we here?

Brain Cox series on the BBC (First shown: 9 pm GMT 14 Oct 2014) offers an explanation for the existence of human kind and the universe. See BBC website for more details.

Cox explains that the Big Bang  which is believed to have happened  some 13.7 billion years ago, is the product of Eternal Inflation that gave rise to the multi-universe, from which our universe, amazingly fine tuned for human life, emerged purely by accident.

Eternal inflation posits that the universe has been growing forever. At some point it gave birth to another universe and another and another. We now have multi-universes. Our universe was created by what is called the Big Bang. Well, this is the theory and it conveniently does away with the need for God as a creator.

William Lane Craig, a leading Christian apologist explains how Alexander Vilenkin has shown that the universe had to have a beginning. 

Alexander Vilenkin’s work (See A.Vilenkin, cited in “Why physicists can’t avoid a creation event,” by Lisa Grossman, New Scientist January 11, 2012) , argues from a scientist view, why the universe has to have a beginning.

Physicist and cosmologist Dr. Alexander Vilenkin refutes the scientific models (like Eternal Inflation, Cyclic Evolution, and Static Seed (Emergent Universe)) that supposedly argue for a universe without a beginning. He then offers his own explanation (via the Borde Guth Vilenkin Theorem) why the universe did have a beginning.


The efforts of science to explore the secrets of the universe are commendable and have given birth to many useful scientific inventions. But nothing in science has done away with the truth that God created the world.

Brain Cox himself accepts that science does not disprove God.

As Professor John Lennox of Oxford University said – God DOES exist. The universe and human mind are the products of the same God and this is the reason we can explore the work of God.