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Microphone for podcasting

Welcome to our podcast. Our podcasts come in two varieties:

  • Snapshots – less than 11 minutes in duration
  • Insights – between 20 – 30 minutes in duration.

You can listen to our podcasts directly below here or follow us on any of the popular podcast channels such as Redcircle, Spotify, Apple podcast, Google Podcast and Radio Public.

Be angry but sin not (insight)

Ephesians 4:26 leaves us with some very useful and powerful truth on dealing with the human emotion of anger. Anger, when handled correctly, should be a warning sign that something is wrong, rather than a weapon to use against others. In this talk Dele explores the godly way to handle anger.

The Lord's prayer: As a template for ours (Snapshot)

The Lord's Prayer, as found in Matthew 6, is often cited by heart. This certainly has merits. Yet it also provides a template and structure for our daily prayer life. An ideal tool teaching us 'How to pray'. This short snapshot takes a look.

The Coming of Jesus - Advent (Snapshot)

1. First as a baby in a manger. He came physically to announce his love.
2. Secondly he comes into our hearts and makes us alive to God - John 3.
3. Thirdly he will come to judge the world - Matthew 24

3.Ten minute overview of Genesis (snapshot)

Snapshot of the first book of the Bible - a quick introduction, overview, main characters and some lessons from the book. Everything to get you started in doing your own study.

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